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CryptoAUSTRALIA announces NCryptcellular as a Sponsor

CryptoAUSTRALIA is pleased to announce NCryptcellular as a Gold Sponsor

The generous sponsorship of NCryptcellular over the next six months will allow CryptoAUSTRALIA to bring more talks and workshops to Australia's privacy conscious citizens.

About NCryptcellular

NCryptcellular is a fully owned and operated Australian company based in Sydney. The company specialises in providing secure smartphone solutions to businesses and governments.

NCryptcellular’s solutions are tailored to provide the comfort of mind that your smartphone is protected against advanced hacking threats and that your communications stay private and confidential.

For more information about NCryptcellular, please visit their website: https://ncryptcellular.com.au

We greatly appreciate the continued support of our sponsors.

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For further information, media and sponsorship enquiries, please email us on [email protected]

Gabor Szathmari

Gabor Szathmari

Gabor is a passionate privacy, open government and free speech advocate. He is helping organisations with their information security challenges in his professional life.

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CryptoAUSTRALIA announces NCryptcellular as a Sponsor
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