Aiza is CryptoAUSTRALIA’s treasurer and a respected SCADA professional with over a decade industry experience

CA: Can you tell us a little about your background?

The signs were there early. As a child, I would read books on codes and ciphers (such as E. A. Grant’s Kid’s Book of Secret Codes, Signals and Ciphers, and Duncan Ball and Ian Ball’s The Spy Code Handbook) and force my friends to exchange encoded messages with me. I remember thinking that it was so cool that only my friends and I could read the messages. It was comforting to know important information like what time we were meeting on the weekend or our favourite song lyrics were safe from the prying eyes of parents and teachers.

My first degree was a double degree in Electrical Engineering and Science. I started working on control systems focusing on operations and due to my interest, I sought out every opportunity to work on cyber security related tasks which lead me to a Master's degree in information system security.

These days I work as a Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) professional. My speciality is system security for industrial plants and wide area network control systems.

CA: How did you get involved in CryptoAUSTRALIA?

Gabor and Nick invited me to join CA’s board of directors due to my professional background and the fact we share similar views on privacy.

CA: What do you do for CryptoAUSTRALIA?

The whole team volunteer in various capacities to keep CryptoAUSTRALIA running, but my formal role is that of treasurer.

CA: What is the mission of CryptoAUSTRALIA? Why is it important to you?

Privacy is all about choice. We help people to learn about their choices and help remove technical barriers so they can act upon these choices. People have a lot more power than they realise, so education and awareness generation is our primary mission.

People play a huge role in system security. Securing any systems is only possible if the system’s users are also well educated. I realise this every day through my work and personal experiences.

At CryptoAUSTRALIA we take part in educating ordinary citizens to create a more privacy-aware society. What’s appealing to me and to our audience is that we take complex technical problems and translate them to plain English and hands-on workshops.

CA: Are you also involved in other privacy organisations or projects?

I’ve always been active within professional circles and been the privacy advocate for my friends and family. CryptoAUSTRALIA enables me to extend this role to the wider community.

CA: Can you tell us about your current projects?

What interests me deeply nowadays is social engineering and how hard it is to spot such attacks. Being technically savvy is not enough. It all comes back to us as people and the importance of education and awareness.

CA: Finally, when it comes to cyber security, where do you get inspiration from?

One of my favourite authors is Bruce Schneier. I’m currently reading his book Liars and Outliers. What resonates with me is that he does not forget about the people element regardless how technical his topic might be.

This is the third of a series of articles introducing the members of CryptoAUSTRALIA

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