Takahiro Nei is a serial entrepreneur from Japan with numerous start-up engagements in Chicago, London, Myanmar (Burma), Tokyo and now Sydney. He is CryptoAUSTRALIA's Director of Fundraising Strategy.

CA: Can you tell us a little about your background?
I have studied media management in America. Upon graduation I worked for a business consulting firm within the ad tech and digital marketing space, helping Japanese technology companies establish their presence in the United States and became passionate about helping Japanese people and companies to gain global exposure. This passion led me to found the Tokyo based Studybroad Agency, partnering with over 800 schools in 35 countries, including Australia. However my involvement in ad technology and digital marketing is what triggered my interest in ethical business conduct and consumers’ privacy.

CA: How did you meet the team and got involved in CryptoAUSTRALIA?
I met Gabor at a private party of mutual friends. We started talking about our lines of work and we quickly arrived to the question of privacy. I remember Gabor was organising cryptoparties in Sydney that time. So I went along and we continued our conversation and our desire to educate people on the topic, and taking privacy events everywhere across Australia.

Takahiro Nei

CA: What do you do for CryptoAUSTRALIA?
I am the Director of Fundraising Strategy, creating sponsorship opportunities. I bring my sales and marketing expertise to generate funds that enables CryptoAUSTRALIA to organise movie screenings, workshops and discussion forums.

CA: Can you tell us about the organisation’s mission and your motivation to participate?
We want to arm the general public - especially vulnerable groups and particular professionals, such as journalists - with up-to-date skills and tools to protect their privacy. There are heaps of competing communication products on the market these days, some are more respectful to individual’s privacy, others less so. The technology landscape changes every day, we are here to help users make sensible choices, understanding pitfalls and trade-offs.

CA: What are your particular goals within CA for 2017?
I personally would like us to reach more media professionals. Media has such a deeply ingrained presence in everyday life now, it’s a really great way to influence the whole of society. Cryptography is a bit like vaccination, as its power lays in mass adoption. So reaching a critical mass of adoption is one of the most important goal, it's what we’re aiming to achieve.

This is the fourth of a series of articles introducing the members of CryptoAUSTRALIA

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