ANNOUNCEMENT: CryptoAUSTRALIA is not affected by the Typeform data breach

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Written By Gabor Szathmari

As of today, we are not aware that our community has been affected by the Typeform data breach. As a precaution, however, we have taken steps to protect the privacy of our community.

It has come to our attention that a third-party service CryptoAUSTRALIA relies on was involved in a data breach. We, at CryptoAUSTRALIA, use the online service called ‘Typeform’ for collecting our newsletter subscriptions and volunteer applications. As of today, we are not aware that our community was affected by the Typeform data breach. As a precaution, however, we have taken steps to protect the privacy of our community.

What did happen at Typeform and how it is related to us

Typeform is a freemium service allowing you to create simple and easy web forms. At CryptoAUSTRALIA, we relied on Typeform to host our newsletter sign-up and volunteer application forms.

Typeform has announced that on 27 June, someone had managed to gain access to one of their servers.

The company said that it was a partial data breach, and the incident did not affect every single customer. The company also said they would notify their customers who were affected by the data breach. In other words, Typeform customers not receiving a data breach notification email were not affected by the data breach.

CryptoAUSTRALIA was not affected by the Typeform data breach

According to Typeform, If you didn’t get an email, you weren’t affectedAs of today, CryptoAUSTRALIA has NOT received any email from Typeform advising us of a data breach affecting our community. That means that any personal details submitted through the newsletter subscription and volunteer application forms on the CryptoAUSTRALIA website are NOT affected.

Because the privacy and security of our community is paramount, we have taken the following safety measures as a precaution:

  • We have changed the password of our Typeform account;
  • We have deleted the submitted newsletter subscriber form data on Typeform;
  • We have deleted the submitted volunteer application form data on Typeform;
  • We have replaced the Typeform newsletter sign-up page with a web form provided by MailChimp (we use MailChimp for the newsletters);
  • We have sent a notification email anyone who has ever subscribed or applied through Typeform on the CryptoAUSTRALIA website advising them to read this article for the details;
  • For now, we have NOT replaced the Typeform volunteer application form due to the relatively low volume of applications.

If our situation changes concerning the Typeform data breach, we will take the appropriate steps to remediate the situation and keep our community updated.

Should you have any questions with regards to this data breach, please drop us a message on the Contact us page.

Kind regards,
Gabor & The CryptoAUSTRALIA Team

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