Our Meetup group has a new name!

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Written By Gabor Szathmari

Dear Friends of Privacy,

Today we are announcing that our ‘CryptoParty Sydney’ Meetup group is renamed to ‘CryptoAUSTRALIA Digital Self-Defence & Privacy’.

We have been busy bringing you exciting workshops and speakers throughout the past 18 months. We have grown to cover a wide range of privacy topics including doxing, Tor, IMSI catchers and FOI request, and would like to thank you for supporting us with your participation during these events so far.

We have now reached the point where our goals have become more diverse than the workshops in the early days of the CryptoParty Sydney Meetup, where the intent was to introduce the general public to basic privacy tools such as Tor, VPNs and PGP. We have expanded in response to rapid changes in the world of privacy. Geopolitical developments on a global stage, the evolution of the threat landscape and progressive development of new security and privacy tools have spawned the need to raise awareness of many complex and varied privacy issues.

The new name reflects our continued commitment to privacy and gives us the flexibility to choose speakers and workshops covering the full range of privacy and information security topics. Our goal is to provide you with events that are interesting, educational, and as relevant as possible to the latest challenges of privacy and digital security.

Our upcoming events include a talk about privacy rights in Australia, a Qubes OS workshop, a hacking session with OSINT data, a social media sanitisation workshop and a digital security session for journalists.

One thing has not changed: our vision of a society where everyone in Australia possesses the necessary skills to defend their privacy.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who has ever organised a CryptoParty in Sydney since 2012. We also thank all the volunteers and guests who have helped us along the way to make the events happen. Our team is looking forward to seeing you all at future events.

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Kind Regards,
The CryptoAUSTRALIA Team