We at CryptoAUSTRALIA were extremely proud to bring the privacy community together again on the Privacy Awareness Week.

We not only celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Privacy Act 1988 this year, but Privacy Awareness Week was also an excellent occasion for all of us to think about our privacy practices, discuss with friends and colleagues, and make positive changes to improve our privacy.

Technology has enabled governments and corporations to conduct mass surveillance, and this impacts on the very way that we think and behave. What does it say about society when we embrace the ‘Nothing to hide’ justification?

That is why we chose to hold a screening of the eye-opening documentary, NOTHING TO HIDE, an independent film dealing with mass surveillance and its casual acceptance by the general public through the "I have nothing to hide" narrative.

We hope you enjoyed the night out as much as we did! We would like to thank all our guests for joining us, and our team is looking forward to seeing you in the future CryptoAUSTRALIA events.

We also thank our generous sponsors for making this event happen:


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Photos courtesy of Thomas Zhuo (ZenVision.com.au)