Securing yourself online, now that’s a reason to party.

CryptoAustralia is a newly established not for profit organisation aimed at arming the Australian public with the weapons and know-how to defend their privacy and security online.

Online security is more important than ever, with predictions that 90 per cent of Australians are now online and official estimates claiming that Australian consumers lost around $45 million to Internet fraud last year.

Gabor Szathmari, information security specialist and CryptoAustralia President, said the organisation formed as a result of numerous Sydney-based events hosted during 2016 for the online privacy and security community.

"At the end of last year some good mates and I put our heads together to figure out how to bring these events to the broader Australian community."

"Eventually we came up with the idea of providing practical, hands-on education to the general public on privacy and security," Mr Szathmari said.

Mr Szathmari said CryptoParties are events that make the obscure problem of information security and data privacy more approachable to everyday Australians by cutting out the technical jargon and providing the opportunity to learn by doing.

"What distinguishes us from other organisations is that our events are very hands-on and pragmatic. You can just turn up with your computer or smartphone, and leave a few hours later with a handful of tips and the appropriate privacy tools installed." he said.

CryptoAustralia is planning a suite of free events across Australia, including thought-provoking presentations, practical workshops, movie screenings, and privacy and security-themed games.

"Not only will we continue running CryptoParties across Australia, but we will take it to the next level. We are going to tailor these events to specific groups in need, such as investigative journalists, human rights activists, and members of any community who may have a keen interest in protecting their privacy such as the LGBTQI community."

"Our vision is a society where everyone has the skills to defend their privacy, and we are determined to keep educating the public until we reach this goal" - Mr Szathmari said.

Further information about CryptoAustralia and their future events is available on their website:

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